Our Story

My dad and I were hanging out one day and he showed me these strange metal blossoms.  He explained to me that they were bullets. Apparently, with certain types of ammunition, the metal expands creating a flower shape. We thought they were pretty cool, and spent the weekend kicking around the idea of somehow making them into rings and cufflinks.

Fast forward a few months to when my grandfather passed away. He and I had an awesome relationship, so when this happened something in my world shifted and I was immediately drawn back to the bullets. I went to my dad and told him I wanted to begin making the jewelry.

Neither he nor I knew anything about the jewelry industry. We spent countless hours working together researching jewelry making, attending trade shows in different cities, and reaching out to any contacts we came across to try and wrap our heads around it.

I began learning to metalsmith so I could recast the bullets into precious metals and hand make the jewelry designs myself. I also learned stone setting and began setting precious gems into the bullets. These pieces eventually transformed into Bouletté Blumé – a high end, bespoke jewelry line that incorporated the recast bullets, 14k gold, sterling silver and precious gemstones.  

It has been an incredible journey for my dad and me so far. So much amazing energy has gone into creating our Bouletté Blumés, and we are beyond excited to share them with you.

Bridget and Bruce Brown